The Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr. will hold its third charity auction edition, one of the most important social events in the country.


The Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr. will hold its third charity auction edition, one of the most important social events in the country.


This occasion will auction off international experiences with Neymar Jr. and many other celebrities. The event will take place in June, in São Paulo, and the proceeds will go to projects developed by the entity.

The Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr., a non-profit association with the goal of expanding opportunities for children, adolescents and their families in social vulnerability situations, will hold, on June 22, at the Monte Líbano Club in São Paulo, a charity auction to benefit the institution’s socio-educational activities, located in Jardim Glória, Praia Grande, in the southern coast of São Paulo.

In its 3rd edition, the hosts of the night, Neymar Jr. and his family, will receive around 900 guests including athletes, celebrities, influencers, and entrepreneurs. The auction will include international experiences with Neymar Jr. and other personalities. Among the lots put up for auction are the last Brazil National Team jersey signed by Pelé and Neymar Jr., and a poker game with the ace. And, just like the previous edition, each lot will be presented by Neymar Jr., artists and celebrities such as Sabrina Sato, Deborah Secco, Celso Portiolli, Luciana Gimenez, among others.

The event will also feature renowned supporters such as the entrepreneur Roberto Justus, singer Claudia Leitte and hosts Rodrigo Faro and Patrícia Abravanel.

For Altamiro Bezerra, IPNJR’s statutory director, the auction is an important event to unite society around this incredible project. “During these eight years, we have faced, for example, COVID-19 and despite stopping our activities during this period, all employees had their jobs and benefits preserved. The Instituto employs 124 employees, all under the CLT regime”, he explains.

The auction’s first edition, back in in 2017, raised R$2.5 million; the second, in the following year, raised about R$3.9 million. In 2023, the expectation is to exceed last edition’s mark. According to Vildomar Batista, general director of the Leilão do Instituto, the project promises to be a success. “Neymar is, above all, an example of a citizen and generosity. He could have raised his institute anywhere in Brazil, but chose to do it in the same community where he spent his difficult teenage years, in the same region that later revealed him to the world. And as a result of Neymar and his family’s efforts, about 3,000 children and 12,000 people can not only dream but also live this reality of a better future. I am very proud to be part of this project”, highlights Vildomar Batista.

Use of resources

The revenue generated will be used for activities developed by the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr., which has as one of its objectives to promote social inclusion for children and young people aged 7 to 18, offering original and complementary disciplines to their development, with a primary focus on reducing school dropout rates. The disciplines offered are Arts, General Knowledge, Mathematics, Theater, Spanish, French, Computer Science, English, Reading and Writing and Robotics. In addition to educational development, classes aim to address aspects related to social interaction and interpersonal relationships.

Sport is another significant component for the INJR to achieve its goals and fulfill its mission. In addition to working on children’s motor skills, it is capable of generating relevant and essential learning for human development. The sports offered are Basketball, Football, Futsal, Handball, Board Games, Dance, Judo, Swimming and Volleyball.

In addition to programs for children, the service also aims to include family members in this transformation plan, including vocational courses, lectures, and physical activities, such as hydrogymnastics and weightlifting. All of these campaigns aim to raise awareness on various subjects, increase families’ per capita income possibilities and improve their quality of life.

About the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr.

The Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr. (INJR) is a non-profit civil association with the goal of increasing opportunities for children, adolescents and their families in social vulnerability situations. Unveiled back in December 2014, the institution currently serves thousands of children and young people aged 7 to 18, impacting over 12,000 people. The project is funded by its own resources, donations and partnerships with the private sector. The Institute was built on an ​​8,400m² area and is based in Jardim Glória, at the city of Praia Grande, a community that faces several difficulties and limitations already experienced by Neymar Jr. and his family, who were residents of the neighborhood. Conceived by the athlete Neymar Jr. and his family, who understood that knowledge and opportunities could transform the lives of countless families, the social project has been operating for eight years in society.

In 2017, the Institute chose to hold a charity auction to raise funds for the project’s areas. Additionally, the funds are directed to infrastructure renovations, employee payroll and investment in new projects.

About WNB Produções

The auction’s overall direction is held by Vildomar Batista, WNB Produções’ CEO, responsible for INJR events such as the Concerto Feliz Natal Brasil Believe, the Neymar Jr. Secret Santa Among Friends, and the Leilão Beneficente do Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr.

During this period, WNB also produced content and products for Record, SBT, Band and Fox Sports channels, as well as work outside the country. The company also owns the Escola de Comunicadores, which holds the mission to prepare and train communicators to work on social media and television.

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